2018 Drilling Update: 47 Villages Engaged As Beneficiaries

We have so far engaged 47 villages as beneficiaries of safe water supply from boreholes. Please find attached a brief report on the siting and drilling processes, and a list of selected beneficiary villages/schools/health facilities.

We are also looking forward to celebrating the borehole water supply in our villages in July.

Best regards.

— Philip K. Darko WASH Program Manager| Catholic Relief Services, Ghana

Beneficiary Selection

After a detailed assessment process, forty-seven (47) communities/schools/health facilities across five districts in the Northern and Upper East regions were selected to benefit from the IWANG borehole water supply project. These communities are within the catchment areas of two current CRS projects; The Rural Emergency Health Services and Transport (REST II) health project, and The Integrated Community Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement Project (ICOWASH) in the WASH sector. Installing boreholes in communities where CRS has an active health and WASH sector projects allows for maximum impact across intervention areas.

Table 1 summarizes the distribution of the boreholes to the respective beneficiary districts.  The criteria used in identifying beneficiary communities/schools/health facilities were strictly based on assessed needs and ability or willingness to manage the facility for sustained used. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.38.44 PM.png

Drilling and Construction

Through a national competitive process, CRS solicited for proposals and quotations to conduct hydrogeological investigations and borehole drilling.   To ensure the drilling activities proceed expediently, the drilling works were put in 3 lots and awarded to 3 different drilling companies to conduct drilling concurrently. This was done after the evaluation of technical competence and financial proposals and recommendations by the evaluation committee.  Contracts have been awarded to prospective hydrogeological consultants and borehole drilling contractors to undertake the works. 

Detailed drilling results will be compiled and submitted by mid-May 2018.  Drilling and development of all the boreholes, as well as the construction of concrete platforms and installation of pumps, are planned for completion by mid-June 2018.