Come on in, the water is fine!

March of 2011 found Kate Regan listening to our CRS Ghana liaison Thomas Awiapo speak about the needs in his country.  His personal story and history with our visiting groups combined with his mention of clean water prompted Kate to ask, "what can I do?". Thomas handed Kate the phone number of Jan Kline (co- founder) and the streams of funding were born.

Kate and Tom Regan have created a community of support that has financed 7 clean water borehole systems in small communities in the north of Ghana.  Kate is a professional music teacher and (with the Delaware association of music teachers) created a yearly piano marathon that has earned thousands of dollars.   Tom is the master of a Lego well prototype that was constructed by community supporters "buying" blocks.   The structure traveled back to Seattle and brought in more funds.

If asked, they admit 'catching on fire for water." Clean water is a basic human right. Consider Kate and Tom's story and maybe jump into the pool!